Face of America 2017: Thank You Team FaithPoint

Face of America 2017: Thank You Team FaithPoint

We want to extend a Huge Thank you to the Face of America team this year.  Making the trip from DC to Gettysburg is not an easy one, and the work starts well before the weekend of the ride.  The team is not just the rides, but also those who prayed for the safety and well-being of the riders, those who helped support the ride financially, and the organizers of team FaithPoint.

Also it is amazing to note that team FaithPoint was again the top non-profit fundraising team.  WAY TO GO!!!

It sounds like there will be some other rides throughout the summer with the team. So if you didn’t make the Face of America you can sill ride with team FaithPoint.  Here are some pictures from the event.



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