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FaithPoint Online

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Why Online?

There are a many people who cannot or do not worship in traditional settings.  As the church we hope to point people into a deeper faith in God.  We have heard the call to be a community in person as well as online for the purpose of sharing God’s grace with everyone no matter where you have been, where you are (physically and spiritually), or your anxiety about the future.  There is hope for you in the Good News of Jesus.

Who is FaithPoint Online?

FaithPoint Online is not about a single congregation, but rather a community gathering together online to celebrate, encourage and grow together as followers of Jesus.  FaithPoint United Methodist may be the hub for the connection, but our prayer is that this community does the kingdom work of connecting God’s people with a faith community rather than an individual church.

Why this format?

Each worship experience is set in a way that we hope reclaims a little bit of the feel of the early church.  The first communities of faith met in homes and common places.  This idea of making church feel like home is important to us.  Also a diversity of voices and perspectives is important as well.  So we try and spotlight this diversity as best we can.  So while the community worships in their homes we try and make it feel as if we are getting back to the heart of the early church with a 21st century feel.

Want to partner with us?

Our hope is that we are able to partner with individuals and churches from all around the world and do church together.  Each worship experience invites new possibilities of partnership.  If you would like to be involved we have a place for you.  If you are a designer, or musician, a church or individual, someone who loves to read or act, we would love to have you be part of the community.

Represent a church?

Do you want to invite your congregation to be a partner in our online endeavor?  We would love to have you as well.   One of our goals is to create a web of congregations where others can come and connect to physical church locations if they desire.  A great way to feel out a faith community before physically going there is this online platform.  Partnership might mean helping out in shaping some of the worship experiences, offering up music or a message, or maybe just letting us know about what your church has going on.

If this doesn’t seem to meet your needs and you want to do your own online worship, lets talk.  We would love to help you get up and running.  We can tell you what we have found to be successful and what didn’t work so well.

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