Awaken To Love

Awaken To Love


There is something about empty space that is unsettling at times.  An empty chair could be an invitation for others to come and sit, and a reminder of what is not there.  These feelings can happen at the same time.   This weekend we are going to turn our attention to the father in our story from Luke 15.  This story is most often named the story of the prodigal son, but it may be better labeled as the story of the loving father.

The son was nothing coming back home.  He was owed nothing and his family claim had be ruined.  those hearing Jesus tell this story could have been waiting for the father to publicly disown the son.  Instead this young man was given a robe, a ring, and a place at the table….like he had never left?!

He was made new
He had an awakening of Love!

17  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)


 Here is a little bonus video from this weekend of our closing song.  It is almost certain to brighten your day:

Weekend Spotlight:

In the recent months, we have a whirlwind of missional activity. Mid-April through mid-May are always a crazy-special time and this year was no exception. FaithPoint has blessed motorcycles, ridden from DC to Gettysburg on bikes, walked through the night to stomp our cancer, fought for Williams syndrome awareness despite bad weather, survived hundreds of meals and We have served like it depends on us and prayed like it depends on God. Thank you to team leaders and participants for making this season something special.

**Sidenote** if you have a story about someone serving in a powerful way to share God’s love let us know. We know there are stories out there that we don’t know about. However in sharing these kinds of stories we are able to be encouraged to share the gospel with those around us.

Are you passionate about a mission or organization that we could partner with?  You could be a mission advocate.   Mission advocates What are the Duties of a Mission Advocate?

  1. Get to know the missionary through corresponding regularly through any means of communication that is mutually convenient. (Often email or Skype)
  2. Communicate to the Faithpoint community the missionary’s stories and praise items of how God is working through their ministry.
  3. Inform the Faithpoint community of the missionary’s needs–prayer requests, financial needs, other concerns. This information is typically distributed via a bulletin item or on the church Website and is often a simple matter of forwarding a monthly or bi-monthly email published by the missionary to the church office.
  4. Participate as you feel lead in the activities of the mission.
  5. For missions located outside of the local area, assist the missionaries as needed if they visit our area. (example: help arrange housing and/or transportation; coordinate speaking opportunities to the congregation, Missions Ministry Team, small groups)  – (Once every 3-5 years)
  6. Communicate budget needs to the Missions Chair. (One email per year)
  7. Handle check requests. (Varies by mission but no more than 3 times per year)

Next Steps for May 21, 2017

How will you take your next steps this week?

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