Summer Camp for Middle School
  • 1600 Harpers Ferry Rd
    Knoxville, MD

  • Camp Manidokan

Summer Camp for Middle School

Summer Camp has been a formative faith experience throughout the generations.  Each year hundreds of young people come to know God more closely through their interaction with new friends, order awesome staff and the natural world.

There are a ton of camps to choose from.

Pastor Chris, his wife and their friend John lead a camp for Middle school students called Best Week Ever at Camp Manidokan:

If you want to know more about camp please talk to someone how has gone. That is really the best way to get a feel for what it is all about.
Here is a slide show from this year that spotlights a little bit of what we do at camp:

The cost for a week of camp is $465, but our goal it to help families and campers offset the cost through camperships and scholarships.


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