Lent Devotion for March 28

Lent Devotion for March 28

Reflecting on John 6:16-27

I can’t do it alone. I need help! In this Scripture, Jesus approached the disciples in the boat. He joined them in the boat. This is a comforting thought but it can be hard to remember.

Like the Disciples, I need to be reminded to ask Jesus to be alongside me in my boat.

But also I need to remember that Jesus is the captain of my boat. As soon as I take over the steering, I am doomed.  Jesus isn’t just be a passenger. It’s not enough to just invite Him on my boat, but I’ve got to let Him steer, let Him be the one who yells the commands, and remember I am only the deck hand!

Now, as promised, He is alongside me and I don’t have to do it alone. It doesn’t mean I won’t have any storms, but I have the assurance that He is by my side during each storm. I only need to ask, surrender and trust Him.

Let Jesus on board and take the wheel of your boat.  He can get you safely past all our obstacles, and safely through rough seas if we only invite Him and let Him steer our boat.

Written by: Paula Thorson, FaithPoint Online


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